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Busy but still running

It's funny how you can be so busy but running seems to slide into the schedule somehow.  Over the past couple weeks I've been busy studying, working, and getting ready for that little trip over the Atlantic;-)  This time next week I'll be getting ready to spend a week and a half way from here.  YAY!

I didn't mention it previously but I bought a GPS watch, the Forerunner 305.  I hate first generation technology items and so I didn't go with the 405.  It also helps to get it for less than half the price <grin>.  Anyway, my reasoning for the watch?  I wanted to start training a little smarter over the upcoming year.  I think I tend to get too comfortable with pace and don't give it the little extra push occasionally.  I think it may go a long ways towards the goal.  I've had a ton of fun with it so far on runs (yay fun graphs and numbers!).  For example, today I ended up doing Harlem Hills twice.  See graphs below of the 6 mile loop then the improvised 3.35 mile loop.  That's elevation in green and heart rate in red...hmmm;-)  The 6 mile loop was much more consistant as the hills/declines even out.  The 3.35 mile loop contained 3 solid hills as we went from west to east.  Nasty, nasty, nasty...

The good news from the training is I seem to be getting back into my training zone.  This week I was back to the 8:45-8:50 zone which is where I want to be consistantly/  I've also been throwing in a few improvised pickups.  I'm hoping that I'm done hibernating for the winter:)  The ~10 mile run put me over 30 for the week! There's a lot of work to be done before October 12, 2008.

Anyway, last weekend I ran Coogans for the 3 year in a row.  Knowing that this is not my favorite course, I ended up staying back and running with my friend that is on her way back from a broken leg.  We averaged 8 min/mile for the first 2 and a 7:25 pace for the last 1.1.  Finished under an 8 min/pace.  Eh.  However, one has to love having a Guiness before 12pm.

What's next?  Why I'm glad you asked!  I'm heading to Europe next Sunday to visit AB and will be gone until the end of March.  How crazy is that?!  I'm thinking about doing the Broad Street Run in May but we'll see how April goes. 

I'll try to get more into updating this thing again.  Like my running, updates have been sporadic...
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