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Bridges Runner

Well the State College police are happy....

Well the State College police are happy....

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Well the days events were depressing.....both PA teams failed to advance to the superbowl. No soda vs pop superbowl :-( But you know what...at least the steelers lost and I don't have to hear that stupid "I've got a feeling...pittsburgh's going to the superbowl." Sorry guys....I know this doesn't apply to all of you. Anyway, I guess I'd just like to say the Eagles played a great season and nothing to hang their heads about. They hang neck and neck with perhaps the best football team. They'll be back next year. So yeah...another year...another superbowl I really could care less about. Que sera. At least this year there can be drinking festivities during the game....and it couldn't be as boring as last year:)

Well this weekend was all right. Went out to the Saloon last night and had a pretty good time with a great group of friends. Let's just say some people drank more responsible than others;-) And no it wasn't me being the alcoholic! Others went for drinking an entire pitcher of beer themselves...no names need be mentioned. They know who they are...hehehehe. Well I should get started on the homework....EAGLES STILL RULE!!!!!!!!
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