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Run for Peanut butter: A new version!

My love for peanut butter is obvious.  It all started almost three years ago with the first run for food: peanut butter style! Today was the first run for food of the year but it wasn't supposed to be.  My original plan was to join a few people for a trail race up at Van Cordlandt this morning.  However, thanks to some late night festivities I decided better of that and opted for a long run with MS and LS down the West Side Highway.  Our destinations (oh yes, destinations!) were Peanut Butter and Co. and La Columbe Cafe.  LS wanted to go to La Columbe Cafe after hearing about the great coffee they serve there.  It's amazing what can make runners happy!

So my morning started off with a 1.3 mile jog warmup to get to Columbus Circle to meet up with everyone to hit the subway up to 190th street.  Excitement was in the air as MS had never run down the West Side Highway and both LS and MS were being initiated into the PB club! On our way up, we forgot to check the service advisories and naturally the A/C line stopped at 168th street so we got out and took the shuttle bus up to 186th street.  LS had warned us about the "mountain" to cross in order to get to the riverside path.  She was right but fortunately there was a resident willing to help us get around the mountain!  The photo is what the stairs look like to get up and over the mountain.  However, we found the elevator inside the subway station to get across.

The next obstacle was trying to figure out how to get down to the path by the water!  The squiggle on the map is us running around trying to figure that out!  After close to a mile of running we were off and running down the West Side Highway! Yay!  It was actually a pretty nice day as it was overcast and not terribly windy.  Shorts and a windbreaker did the trick with a hat. 

Along the way, we told stories of really anything that came to our heads.  That included our favorite Halloween costumes (I think LS as a taco wins!), what we're going to be for Halloween this year, strategizing for the ultimate milkshake competition after the MNR, "I don't joke about flashcards", etc.   Yes, long distance running definitely can be interesting.  I also found out LS has a great speech delivery.  She can make things totally funny that if anyone else said - so not funny!  Of course there was a bloody nose and near death experience.  All part of the long run experience, no?

Our final destination was supposed to be Canal Street first but since we ended up running a squiggly at the beginning we ended up running to Houston and heading for PB first.  I got the Cookie Dough Surprise, MS the Cinnamon Raisin, and LS the Elvis.  It was kind of like the old days when I ran with SL and AB down to PB.  LS and MS were not convinced that the sandwiches were filling and got milkshakes on top of the sandwich!  They realize how filling it is now;-) 

The coffee was fabulous at La Columbe.  It reminded me of being in Europe.  The coffee was no joke and I definitely will need to patronize that place again!

Overall, I put in close to 13 miles and felt great.  That put me at 31 miles for the week.  Back on track and the training continues.  My plan is to be hitting 30-35 a week going into marathon training in June.  I'm planning to follow the Pfitzinger 18/55 plan.  More on that as the time draws closer but I think this will help me run a better marathon and be better prepared to show 26.2 who's boss!

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