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Bridges Runner

Springtime in NYC

Springtime in NYC

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St Josephs St Josephs
The Pope paid a visit last night to this Church. Fortunately I was out of town by the time he made it up to my neighborhood!
News News
On my way to work there were a few news trucks covering the story.
Naked Chick Naked Chick
There was a "woman" being painted on the library steps. Ah, NYC.
Pretty Pretty
I love tulips! Right in front of the NY Public Library.

I'm in PA for the weekend for Passover. Took a run this afternoon and it was 87 degrees. Eek. I came home and my face was red as a lobster. Guess I'm not used to this yet!
  • Naked

    Ummm, is that legal to be walking around naked like that. As I recall it was still a bit chilly too....

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