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Baskin Robbins: Ice cream crawl 2008

$2.35.  7 scoops of ice cream.  This is a tale of a rocky road walked with my accomplice from 31st and 5th and ending on 66th and 1st.  It all started out as an idea but quickly turned into the main event!The rules?  No duplicate scoops of ice cream - has to be a different flavor at every stop!  LS had gotten a head start with 2 scoops before meeting me after work.  This was in addition to the cheeseburger at lunch - not sure how that is for the tummy before a half marathon but hey whatever works, no?:)

So I think I'll let the pictures tell the story:
Stop #1 - BR at 31st and 5th.  We couldn't get a bystander to take our photo,  One lady found enough time to get an ice cream but not five seconds to take our photo.  How rude!  That's strawberry cheesecake for those scoring at home.

Stop #2: 30th and Park Heathbar Crunch

Stop #3: 34th between Madison and Park - World Class Chocolate

Stop #4: 33rd and 2nd - Cookies n Cream in honor of MS!

Stop #5: 37th and 3rd - York Peppermint Patty

Stop #6 - 40th and 2nd - Reese's Peanut butter cup

Stop #6 - 66th and 1st - Rocky Road - LS made up for the fact that the BR on 53rd and Lex in the Citigroup building was closed by closing the show with 2 cones for a total of 10 scoops.  Hardcore.  This made up for DD shutting her out on the free donut with the purchase of a coffee!

Ahh yes - the hard hat.  I had to bring home my gear to go out to a job site for work today.  Not only did I walk 5+ miles but wore those huge and heavy work boots, carried a roll of drawings, a backpack and a handbag.  No, the background is not one of the jobs I worked on - just happened to be near one of the BRs and worked well with the Rocky Road traveled theme.

My tummy definitely felt icky after this but it was a lot of fun.  I don't recommend this for the weak.  I didn't eat anything until about 12:30pm today after walking around a job site for 3 1/2 hours too! Ha.

Can't wait til next year!!!!! 31 cent night rocks!
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