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Bridges Runner

Brooklyn, yo!

Brooklyn, yo!

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I ran the Brooklyn half today on a whim.  I really haven't trained and had no idea what today would bring.  My goal: make it to the finish line without bonking.  It was my first race in a couple months?  My training? One long run and a few 25-30 mile weeks.  No true speed training.  It was a true test of seeing where I will be starting my march to Chicago.  It was funny - I was nervous today.  Genuine nervousness I haven't felt in a long time.  I know I could run the 1/2 but I wanted to run it in a time that was decent.  After speaking with my dad a couple days ago, I said I'd be happy with around 1:50.  All things considered, this wouldn't be horrendous and wouldn't trash my legs.

So the race.  I stayed with my friend MS since she's downtown which cut the commute time in half.  7 1/2 hours of sleep and it was time to head out to Brooklyn.  We had just enough time to throw our stuff on the bus and use the portapotty before heading over to the corral.  Not without incident, though.  I ended up tripping over fencing on the ground and went flying through the air.  I made good air as another teammate saw me and he came over to make sure I was OK. My family is well known for the klutz factor...

So over to the corral, I waited for the gun to go off with some other teammates.  They were looking to run around 1:40 which I knew was not in my plans for today.  I set my watch to beep if I went faster than 8 min/mile and slower than 9:15.  I really had no idea what pace my legs would decide to do today.  I loved that there was a corral system as it alleviated the bottlenecks at the beginning of the race.  I was off and running right away!  As we started on the boardwalk, my legs found a rhythm and the first mile clocked in at 7:53.  Hmm, faster than I expected but I guess I'll go with it for now.  7:52 for mile 2.  And no wipe-out on the boardwalk! 

Once I hit Ocean Parkway I knew I just needed to hit my zone and ride with it to Prospect Park.  It was a bit windy but not terrible.  As the miles peeled away my legs started to tell me that I was ill prepared for this race.  I fought through and kept my pace between 8:00-8:15 for the most part.  Mile 10 I stopped for water/gatorade to get myself ready to hit the last 3+ miles hard [which included the lovely 1+ mile hill].  Success as I managed to pull it together and run under 8:10 the last couple of miles.  My final time was 1:47:17, good for an 8:11 pace (my garmin said 13.19 miles I had run which is an 8:08 pace:-p).

My watch was awesome!  I knew I was in for a good race when it kept beeping at me for going too fast.  One guy even commented "your watch needs to stop beeping."  He laughed when I told him it was for going too fast:-p

I'm back in the game and with a race like this on no training it makes me wonder what will happen once the training commences. Hmm..

[2] 7:52
[4]8:13 - water
[8]8:12 - water 
[9] 8:09
[10]8:32 - stopped gatorade/water to regroup
[11]8:24 - hilly mile!
  • oooh. Congratulations! What kind of watch do you use? Is the map thing generated from your watch? Your running prowess awes me. :)
    • I use a Garmin. I bought the Garmin 305 a couple months ago and absolutely love it. I'm a big numbers girl as it is but now I can analyze everything to the nth degree. Hehe:)
  • Congratulations! The Brooklyn Half was my favorite NYRR race. Wish I could have joined you.
    • Roadbunner!!!! Good to hear from you. Wish you could have been here too. I'm thinking about an ultra next year out in Cali - I'll let you know if it happens;0)
  • You certainly looked speedy when you passed by on the other side of the boardwalk!
  • great job!! can't wait to see what you run when you get the training in :)
  • Garmin

    So, you like your Garmin. I'm trying to decide what to get but can't...since you seem happy with what you have may I inquire as to which model it is and how long you have had it?

    I love your blog.

    • Re: Garmin

      Thanks for stopping by, Vato. I own the Garmin 305 and absolutely adore it. I got it a couple months ago and while it's big, I have not noticed it while running/racing. It's a fun and valuable tool for training. I'll try and do a write up in my blog soon:)
  • you are amazing

    We are lucky to have you as one of our team members. Your smile brightens-up everyones' day, and just knowing that you are out there running the same races gives me a reason to finish!
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