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Bridges Runner

Crane Collapse

Crane Collapse

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Just to let y'all know, I'm fine. Yes, it was in the general area.

Anyway, I had the following conversation with a teammate last Saturday re: the crane that collapsed. We had been discussing the fast construction in NYC.

Me: Yeah, that crane on 1st avenue scares me. I don't feel safe around it and something doesn't seem right. I make sure to avoid it.

Teammate: I dunno, I just don't notice anything different.

Me: I'm on construction sites all the time and if it were me, I wouldn't go near that one.

How did I find out? I walked into work and the first thing my boss says is "I'M GLAD YOU'RE OK!" I was very confused because it happened probably about 10 mins after I had left for work.

Finally, I wanted to state the following for those that may want to be quick to blame Bloomberg, etc. Bloomberg actually has done a lot to firm up construction standards in NYC. NYC is switching to the International Building Code which is much stricter on standards. We'll see what happens.

I'm going to try and find a photo of the crane before the collapse because it just looked UNSAFE.  In the meantime, this was the scene.
  • I wouldn't have known how to tell whether or not the crane was safe. Any idea who makes that crane? Wasn't there another crane collapse in NYC recently? I wonder if the cranes are by the same manufacturer? Is there something structurally wrong with them? Or just a coincidence.
    • Yeah, there were two crane collapses within 3 months. However, the two are unrelated. One should remember that construction is a very dangerous job and unfortunately this will happen. Both cranes were made by NY Crane.

      As for how I knew? Sometimes, intuition can be right. I just didn't feel right around that thing.
  • Funny thing was not too long ago I had been looking at apartments around there. I think my chief resident lives near there too.
  • Two things

    First and foremost -- I'm glad you are ok!

    Second, your comment about Bloomberg and international bldg codes is interesting. Beyond safety, do they include greener construction and operation of buildings?

    • Re: Two things

      Actually NYC is in the forefront of going green. Buildings are given different levels of "tax" breaks for how energy efficient they become. It makes sense as it is very costly for the owner to build green. It seems to be working as more and more green is the cool thing to do!
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