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Bridges Runner

NYRR 50th Anniversary Run

NYRR 50th Anniversary Run

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5:30AM…do you know where your running shoes are?

Actually, more like, 4:15AM and are you really dopey enough to get out of bed to run a 5 mile race? The answer. Yes. It was the 50th anniversary run of the NYRR!

My alarm rang out the tunes from a CD and the cobwebs shook their way out of my head and it was time to see if it was worth the pain of getting out of bed. It was pitch black outside with the sound of rain drops hitting the trees in the courtyard behind my apartment building. My mind definitely was beginning to say “screw this, go back to bed.” However, thanks to the coercion of a friend ("Suck it up, Cupcake!”
Me: "ok this better be worth it " Friend: "Running almost always is!") off to Engineer’s Gate I went. Leaving at 4:45AM I ran the lonely streets of the UES. I saw one homeless man and one doorman along the entire path to Engineer’s Gate! This definitely made for the sounds of “you’re an idiot” and “you’re a moron” to creep through my brain. However, since I already had made the pain start by getting out of bed and now, soaking wet, no turning back now!

As I met JR and CM we jogged another 1.4 miles to Tavern on the Green where the race would start. It began to rain harder which furthered the questioning of coming out to run. I knew this was not going to be a “race” for me as I had flashbacks of Grete’s Great Gallop from two years ago. If you recall, this is when the calf issues started and kept me out of action for 6 months! My goal? Go for a jog and cross uninjured.

Upon arrival, I stood under a tree as it began to rain even harder. Awesome. I saw ST and it worked out great because she wanted to take it easy as well. As we headed to the corral, I ran into LD as well. Mary W. gave final instructions and it was time for the insanity to begin.

The race itself wasn’t all that exciting. ST and I ran together. Shortly after we began running I saw EV who was actually all out racing and she mentioned that KP was looking for us. Oy, more power to her. Once we found KP we settled into an 8:30-8:45 pace and chatted the entire 5 miles. It was great to catch up and I made sure to thank the volunteers. I’m amazed that there were people willing to stand in the rain, let alone run. Made me feel wussy:-p

Anyway, my time was 43:16 or something. 8:39 pace I think. No injuries and 9 miles later it was time to hit the shower and get ready for work. Right now I’m ready to conk out. I think I’ll sleep very well tonight.

Finally, I’ve done another silly thing. I signed up for a trail half marathon in a couple weeks. Good thing I have 13 miles on the schedule anyway. Yikes. No 10K mini for me this weekend. Especially happy now that they are calling for 90+ degree weather. YUCK!
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    good on you for running - you're more committed that i was. i laid out my stuff the night before, but was prepared for a game day decision. dark + rain = go back to bed.
  • I usually am up at 4am. It usually isn't running related though. It is usually because I need to be on the subway to go the hospital and do the med student thing of blood draws, getting randomly yelled at etc. The day you ran though, the weather was pretty bad so you are now officially hardXXXcore.
  • (Anonymous)
    Wow... that's all I've got to say.

  • *grin* Sounds like it was good that you could get all those miles in even before going to work for the day :)
  • What a morning! And all before 7am, I assume.

    Thanks for coming out to cheer today--the mini was as hellish as it looked. Good call on skipping it. I guess some of us don't listen to those "you're an idiot" and "you're a moron" warnings that perhaps we should sometimes...but I think we might be better off because of it ;)
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