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Take that, Reebok!

So I'm sure everyone remembers those silly "Run Easy" ads Reebok had last year.  Well, it appears Pearl Izumi has a response: Run Easy is an Oxymoron.  I first saw the ad in The Running Times.  I like it.  It's geared towards more serious runners.  Notice, I'm not knocking anyone but just saying that by advertising in that kind of magazine you're drawing more serious runners than the go out and exercise type.  I like it. 

Anyway, week 1 of marathon training is in the books with just over 33 miles.  It proved to be super challenging with 100+ degree heat at the beginning of the week and super humid conditions by Sunday.  I feel good so far and I'm looking forward to 8 in the morning as long as mother nature plays nice!  The rest of the week plays out with a 10 spot on Thursday most likely and my long run being a trail half marathon up in West Chester on Sunday.  

Here's my response to the questions posted on nyflygirl's blog:

1. How would you describe your running 10 years ago?

Hmm, 1998?  Non-existant.  I didn't run in high school.  I was a band geek and stuck to softball and basketball.  I played catcher if you can believe that!  One memorable play?  I blocked the plate with one of the biggest girls in the league barreling down the line.  I held onto the ball and she was out.  I was too...

2. What is your best and worst race experience?

Best- I would say either the Marine Corps Marathon in 2005 with my dad or the Philly Distance Run in 2006.  The Philly Distance Run because I was probably in the best condition in my life to this point and just ran a great race given the horrendously humid and hot conditions.  MCM is easy - my dad and I ran it together!

Worst- the Mini or Coogans 2006.  The Mini 2005 and 2007 - ugh.  Reason enough for me not to sign up this year!

3. What is the best or worst piece of advice you've been given about running?

Best-Listen to your body.  It knows when to say "no."
Worst-usually it's more of the issue of not taking the advice;-)

4. Why do you run?

I run to keep my sanity.  I run to keep from getting fat by sitting in front of a computer and sitting at meetings daily (you think I'm joking?:-p).  I run to eat.  I run to be happy.

5. Tell us something surprising about yourself that not many people would know.

I came oh-so-close to moving out of New York winter of 2004.  After the NYC Marathon my training partner got pregnant and I felt very alone.  I also was dealing with the post marathon blues and didn't know very many people.  My first roommate was getting ready to move out of the city.  It was a very tough time for me and thanks to finding other crazy runners at TRD, here I am 3 1/2 years later still kicking and running strong!

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