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Best in show

Training like a mad woman I got peer pressured (not really;-)) to run the race yesterday.  A 5 miler run by the Front Runners New York running club as part of their celebration of Gay Pride week.  In an attempt to show our "pride,"  LS, MS and I dressed in the colors of the rainbow.  Well, at least we attempted to.  I looked more like a commercial for McDonalds or perhaps a sampling of ketchup and mustard?  You be the judge.

So the race.  With between 6 and 7 put in Friday afternoon and another run for Sunday, I knew this was not going to be an all out racing attempt for me.  The conditions were less than optimal (and that's being nice!).  It says it was 80 with 67% humidity at race start but I'd be willing to say it was warmer.  I ran to the start at the 102nd transverse and was dripping in sweat by then.  Yikes!  LS and MS met me by baggage and we all started together.  I figured this would be good so I wouldn't be tempted to race.  Plus, our fun colors went together!

So the race was pretty uneventful.  I never dipped into 7 min/mile pace and stopped for water whenever possible.  Fortunately, there were several people out there with hoses which was a touch of heaven.  The finish had ice pops waiting for us!  I think they should have this at every event:) 

Final time: 41:29 (8:17 pace) - Considering I had run the day before and a tough speed workout on Wednesday, not too shabby!  It was right where I wanted to be - I figured somewhere around 8-8:30 pace. 
We stayed around to wait to see if we would win the raffle for free airfare.  While none of us won that, it turns out the TRD women finished third in the race!  That meant $100 for the team!! YAY!  Had I not come out to run, we may not have won 3rd. Pretty darn exciting!

So this morning I woke up hoping to get my 14 miler in but I should have thought better knowing the tough workouts I had put in since last Sunday in hot/humid weather (trail half Sunday, speed work on Wed, and a race (even if it wasnt all out) on Sat).  My body caught up with me and my right quad cramped up badly after just a few miles:0(  Rather than risk making anything worse, I stopped and came home to rest it.   October is my goal, not getting miles in for the sake of miles.  I still managed 33 miles this week and did I learn anything? Yeah, the body is not invincible.  Tomorrow is another day:-D
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