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Bridges Runner

Holy hail

Holy hail

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Talk about getting home just in time....20 mins later and I would have been getting nailed by hail! I got home and told my roomie..."umm I dont' think we're going shopping right now! Look out the window!" Sure enough the sky over Beaver looked like doomsday was arriving or something...or at least out of some horror movie. A nasty shade for the sky to be anyway. Running home in sandals was an experience to say the least....I'm glad I didn't slip out of the sandal and step on one of those thorny things that fall out of the trees. They hurt like a bitch when you step on one...I've done it:( Anyway, we waited it out and it looked like it stopped raining so we started to go to the store and then it started to pour like no other again. At which point I said it's not worth it that much to go to Wegmans today. So we came home and it was nap time:) Nothing wrong with that. My stress level this summer is about -10 on a scale of 0-10 with 10 the most stressed:) Ahhh...I love it:)
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