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The big 5-0!

This past week I reached 50 MILES for the first time ever in my running career!  Crazy, right?  How did I do it? 11.25 miles on Tuesday, 3.75 miles on Wed morning, 11 miles Thursday, 18 on Saturday and another 7 last night.  How do I feel?  I actually feel good and healthy!   Definitely want to eat a house all the time now.  LOL.  I was with LS and MS for my big milestone.  Funny part is I think LS was more excited about it then I was;-) 

The 18 on Saturday certainly was a war of attrition.  It was brutal!  I started at 6:30am knowing that later in the day 95 degrees loomed!  You know how you start to run and you can tell it's not going to be a good one? That was this one.  Not good when it's 18 on the plate.   I actually felt pretty awful for the last 6-7 miles and that's with taking 2 gus.  Fortunately with the help of the group run I had a couple of great friends drag me through the last portion of the run.  I could tell how bad it got since my ankles/lower legs were caked in dirt which means I had issues picking up the legs.

Yesterday I volunteered for the NYC Triathlon!  What an amazing experience.  I was by the Swim/Bike Transition.  It was pretty amazing to watch people run along the west side path in BARE FEET to head out for a 25 mile bike ride.  It made me realize I never want to swim in the Hudson, EVER!  First, every person coming out was b**ching about the jellyfish whether they swam through a sea of them or got stung!  Yuck.  Second, some came out with a lovely Hudson River mustache. Yikes!  Although one of my friends suggested perhaps you get a facial from the oils in there?  Kind of like a mud bath?  Hmm, not sure how much I buy of that!  Anyway, I was in charge of making sure no one crossed over into the bike lane and vice versa.  After everyone left from the yellow transition, I filled Accelerade cups like it was my job (well, it was for the morning!).  I tried it again and I'm still not a fan!  Congrats to all that raced yesterday.  Looked for Josh out there but didn't see him - sounds like he was going too fast for me to see him!

This week marks a reduction of mileage to somewhat prepare for the 1/2 on Sunday morning.  I'm looking to get a good run in - and look at it as a preparation for October.  I'll keep an eye on the forecast but I'd love to shoot for 1:45.  We'll see how I feel as the week goes on.
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