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NYC Half 2008

After a hellish week at work which included an end of the week trip to Rhode Island, I was not in the mindset to PR.  Add to it a super sticky Sunday and yes, this has turned into a long training run.  Expensive training run but still fun.  According to NYRR, the starting temp was 70 with 90% humidity.  Awesome:)

So the run.  I got to the race around 5:45 since corrals shut down at 6:30am supposedly.  As I left, thunder clapped, lightning lit up the sky and rain fell.  Just what you want to enjoy at an absurd hour on a Sunday. Hmm...  As I arrived, police were directing people away from trees since there was serious lightning in the area.  Little did I know these storms had killed several people in the tristate area!  Once the storms left the area, I headed to my corral and ran into RK and JS.  We stated our goals and for me, I intended to run well within comfort zone.  I also got to briefly meet Quinto Sol! Comfort zone to me is 1:48-1:50 on a normal day but today humidity was going to have fun with us:-p

Central Park meant rolling hills for the first 7 miles.  It doesn't matter how well you know the park those hills still play havoc with you.  The most exciting part was exiting the park and POOF Times Square just was there!  So cool.  I saw flygirl on my first loop of the park and the TRD folks were manning a water station on 57th and 7th.  I stopped to grab some gatorade and get a quick chat in.  As we turned on 42nd street I had to stop to allow a stretcher to go through with a guy hooked up to an IV:(  That would be the first of several people I would witness being taken away or attended to due to the heat/humidity. 

The west side highway meant zone out time.  I definitely didn't feel great but crossed the finish line feeling OK.  However, my stomach was killing me today for some reason:(  Sadly I wasn't able to enjoy the free jamba juice:(  I ended up running a 1:54:09 (8:42 pace).  My garmin did say I ran 13.32 miles which I attribute to running the outside lanes in Central Park, instead of the usual inside portions.  My legs must have been OK as tonight I went out and did 6 at a sub 9 pace.  This mileage plan must be working!  I'm looking towards the Philly half to hopefully race! I did end up with a battle wound: the bottom of my left foot sports a lovely blood blister.

After the run I headed uptown and to my new office to unpack.  Definitely weird to go to a new work place after 5 years of doing the same routine.  Who knew I'd move office locations before moving my Manhattan apartment??? Amazing!

Up next?  54 this week!  Whew!
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