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Pace skills for sale!

Today marked my first 20 miler of the season. With the urging of flygirl, I signed up as a pacer for the Long Training Run in the park. As it had been all week, the humidity was 70-80% and temps near 80. Gross. However, Mr. Sun stayed in his clouds!

I volunteered to lead the 9 min/mile group and was placed in the third tier of them. It actually worked out for the best as later I found out how the earlier groups became rabbits. How good am I? Try 8:59 pace for 20. Not bad, right? I felt really good and I'll be curious to check out my official stats on my computer (I'm in Philly right now). I wore my heart rate monitor and I have a feeling it never rose too high as I was able to maintain conversations the entire time.

Why are my pace skills for sale? I was asked by at least 5 people if I would be at the LTR in September as well! Who knew? I had promised that I would be able to get them to the finish line safely and those that did 20, we would be as fast as our slowest person. I'm really glad I had a good run as it erases last week's 13.1 crappy run.

With tomorrow's run I'll have put in 54 miles this week - crazy.

Oh, I think I can announce the true reason I was exhausted for the half. I was actually up in Providence, RI taking a certification exam for my job. I'm happy to announce that I've passed the exam and now have fun letters after my name (RCDD®:)
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