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Pacing buddy

Yesterday was the Team Championships once again.  My last race as a 27 year old - which also happened to be my first one last year:-p  Anyway, I had been plagued by a stomach virus the past few days and barely ate anything before the race to make sure I didn't have any issues during the 5 miles:-p  So after the men did their tour of the park I headed over to the corrals and saw nyflygirl there.  As we chatted, all of a sudden the horn went off and we were off!

I knew this was not going to be a great race by any stretch for me - no where near my 36 minute range the past couple years.  However, I ran with EV and we kept a pretty stable pace the whole time.  EV has a tendency to take a race out 30-40 seconds too fast in the first mile and completely collapse by the end.  She stuck like glue to me and ended up running close to her 5k time in a 5 miler (I asked her if she knew what that meant;-)).

Anyway the times:
Mile 1: 7:29
Mile 2:  7:24
Mile 3:  7:40
Mile 4: 8:04 - Cat Hill and nearly choked on the water.  Oops!
Mile 5: 7:30

As you can see from the times, I never did go into the afterburners.  With the exception of that sad mile 4, I had a fairly consistant race.  Not spectacular, but a solid run to put in the books.  With just 8 weeks til Chicago, it's time to get those last few weeks of hard core training in.

So today, it was a 14.5 miler to PB&Co!  Mmm... 

Anyway, time for sleep - gotta get up at 5:30am to head to VA for work.  Lovely way to start the week and spend your birthday, no:-)

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