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Bridges Runner

Tempo me Wednesday

Tempo me Wednesday

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With the big day coming sooner than later, I've fallen into a bit of a lull the past couple weeks.  More from outside factors than me but it's kept me from some of my runs.  It may be a blessing in disguise as I feel fresh and ready to dive back into training for the last month and  a half.  I look at last night as day 1 as official back into training mode.  Just take a look...

This is the time I kept my watch on.  My route: I ran from Midtown down to the 14th street area to meet a friend.  Once he joined me we ended up doing 7.29 miles of tempo at 7:56 pace!  I felt pretty good and it was just what the Dr. ordered to get me back into the swing of things.  Overall I put in a little over 12 and that's after 15 on Sunday which felt like poo.  It's amazing how you can feel a zillion times better depending on the day! 
  • Looks good...!

    I'm looking forward to seeing how 'the big day' goes! I KNOW the weather has got to be better!
  • nice

    i've lived in nyc for three weeks now, and that run covers more land than i've been able to see yet. solid stuff.

    -jason, happyscrappy.com
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