March 11th, 2002


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Well long time no see, eh? Spring break is over and here I am back for the 8 week grind. Hard to believe just 8 weeks stands between me and senior year. Holy smokes, where the heck did 3 years go? Oh well...guess that means I must be having fun at least:)

Anyways spring break was nothing to write home about. Well, naturally of course I was home...but it was pretty blah. It's ok a lot of sleeping sleep-a-thon.

Well, today is a day of reflection. 6 months ago I had my first experience of "you'll remember where you were, what you were doing,etc." It is hard to believe in a half year what has transformed...we're at war, finally airports are on the way to becoming a more secure place, and the economy looks to finally be heading upward. My feelings about the events that transpired have not changed...I am still angered at what cowards did. I still have this disbelief that the towers are gone. A world of peace is a dream...but it does not seem possible. Not now anyways. One can always dream, right?

Well on to some "happier" news. This weekend should be awesome. Maggie has some people coming up. And it's St Patty's day weekend. I figure one day will consist of enjoying the 21+ life and the other I'll go with Maggie and her friends:) it the weekend yet?

Hmm well the randomness will have to come next time...adios for now:P
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