April 2nd, 2002



What a difference nice days make. It's like people take nice pills when it gets nice outside. Extra friendly and nice... Today was a prime example. I was absolutely exhausted from class and the career fair...took the Loop home. So this guy gets on the bus and sits down next to me. Begins to talk and just do friendly chit chat until it was time to get off the bus. I dunno but I thought it was awfully nice,,,made the time pass much faster. My roomie had a flower given to her for no reason while going to class...

However, the loop also provides other stories. What I don't understand is do people talk really loud on purpose sometimes? No offense but I'm not interested in hearing that you had a baby and are looking forward to having a wild weekend.

However, overall in a generally good mood. No exams til finals:-) Still on the job hunt for the summer...finding a job in State College isn't so easy...
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