June 3rd, 2002


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Well as most of you know by now, I have been busy with building my computer. This is the first computer I've ever built so it was an experience. It took a while but eventually all the parts came. Last Thursday, I started by installing the motherboard. I was extra careful with that since I had never installed one before....that and it being the most expensive part;-) For those of you that are computer saavy, I got an MSI Motherboard SIS 645 Set with a P4 chip, runs at 2.0ghz. Got that in with no prob and connected the power and installed the fan....that was it for the night.

Friday......finally the big day! I got an IDE cord and cross over ethernet cord at a local computer store. Came home and it was time to build!!! Still was waiting on the RAM that iddn't get here til after 6!!! Put in all the parts:
*IBM 80 GB Hard Drive
*MSI Graphics card: GeForce 3 Ti200 Pro
*Sound BLaster Live! Platnium 5.1
*DVD-ROM drive (16x/48x)
*CDRW drive (36x/12x/48x)
*Dlink ethernet card
*512 PC 2700 DDR Ram
*Dlink KVM switch with cables

I was chugging along pretty well and finally was ready to try turning on the new computer. I was all excited....and...naturally nothing happens when I try to turn it on. So I double checked the power plugs into the motherboard....and this time ti turns on...but no video shows up!!!!! So back into the computer to put the card in again. Finally got video to show up but I couldn't load an OS...kept getting win protection errors and the such. FInally fingered that to the RAM....naturally one of the sticks of RAM was bad. So right now only running 256. So I get the OS loaded (XP), and now I am having problems getting the sound and network cards to show up. I spent a good 4 hours trying to get them to work before figuring out that they just did not like eachother. Finally, switched the cards....put the 3com from my old machine into the new machine and the dlink into the old one. Now everything is happy and fast:)

As for the old machine, I"m transferring what I need and probably will put linux on it to mess around with. Yes, I am officially a nerd now:P
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