June 18th, 2002



This World Cup is incredible!!!! Just when you thought Korea had done enough of its magic to get into the second round (and get the boys of the USA in as a matter of fact), they go and beat Italy...only the #6 ranked team in the world!!!!!! It was controversial but the Italians had numerous chances to put the game away before OT.....Vieri missed quite a few chances. Doesn't matter.....
Korea 2
Italy 1

I definitely stayed for OT even though I had to get to work...I was only 15mins off my normal starting time...I am on my own time schedule there:)

After work, I made a purchase at Wally World....a giant US Flag....I'll be ready Friday morning!!!! And afterwards, a permanent staple on my apartment wall! I've got World Cup fever, how about you? Damn England/Brazil game is 2:30 Friday so I don't think I'll be able to watch that:-( Stupid work....and stupid Korean time...hehe. GO ENGLAND in that one:)
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Amused...don't worry I don't do drugs!!!

People in your company think you are unreal, they are hallucinating. You are creatively inspiring as well as you make people delirious and delusional. You make time appear distorted, colors appear brighter, sounds more sharper and things seem to change shape. Sometimes people are frightened by you and get scared of everything. You mess people up, one minute they could be laughing the next they are sobbing. Sometimes you distress people so much they try to commit suicide. When people have spent a lot of time with you, they get a 'flashback', they could be on a train coming home from work and suddenly start mocking the bloke next to them who appears to have grown a long hairy snout like a rat.

Find Out If You Were A Drug, What You Would Be!

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Making my blood boil

Getting real ugly in Israel:(

OK Sharon has officially lost it. He is playing into the hands of the terrorists... What better way to recruit then say how Israel is suppressing? *sigh* And the rest of the world will only care about Israel doing this, not the fact that 19 Israelis were killed on a bus on their way to work. Not the fact that this included HIGH SCHOOLERS. I guess what gets me is the fact that....these are normal, everyday civilians going about their daily lives...and *poof* it's taken from them by cowards. Cowards that claim a cause...but what is their cause? To cause more violence and hate? All this while the "leader" of the group sits back unscathed most likely. I mean is life really that bad that you need to blow yourself up? I agree with fox news in calling these "homicide" bombings not suicide bombings. These people are killing people and deserve no respect at all. I hate all terrorists....I don't care what one may say their cause is...killing innocent people is not a cause, it's MURDER.

Now for the next part of my ranting...where do I think things really went down hill? I think when Rabin was assassinated. He was a PM for Israel that was middle of the road and understood the steps needed to achieve some kind of peace. He understood at some point there needed to be some land for the Palestinians. Now Sharon is in power. This is the worst possible kind of leader Israel could get..well with the exception of possibly a softy. A right wing extremist is not a good thing. They should know that from watching the Palestinian Authority (not to mention Bush). While these homicide bombings are not right, you cannot just invade towns. Not this way...all this does is incite more terrorists. Riles up the people and gives them reason to support these cowards. I hope my reasonings are not true, but if it follows the patterns from the past months....it's not pretty. Also, giving them land may not stop the attacks...however....this may help Israel in the end. If the cowards keep attacking, the world cannot sit back at that. If Israel sacrifices land, then how can you say Israel can't defend herself when cowards attack ISRAELI land?

Point three of my anger...the world. I understand no one wants to be involved with this. I mean it is between Israel and Palestinians. However, this could very well impact everyone. The world has watched while hundreds have been killed on each side. I will not get into the reactions to these events because this will turn into a novel.

Finally, I really get pissed off at the fact that Arabs are still attacking Israel over land they LOST. Anyone recall the 1967 war? This is the one where Israel was attacked and won that land. They were attacked by several Arab nations. Since when has it been that you get land back after you fight another country and lose? I mean that would be saying England comes back and says "oh we get those colonies"...our goof we screwed up and lost. I mean it's not the same situation at all but it gives you some sense.

I'm done for now....my eyeballs are about to pop out from anger x_X
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