July 10th, 2002


Another black eye for baseball....

How ignorant does baseball think its fans are? Enough to call the 73rd all star game a TIE?!?! Tie? Wth? Since when does baseball have ties? I guess when Bud Selig takes over....idiot, tool, (insert stupid names here). For those that are completely out of the loop, the baseball all star game ended in a tie after 11 innings, 7-7. The worst part is how the All Star MVP award was just named after Ted Williams...who just passed away last Friday. And naturally since it was a tie they didn't pick an MVP. Good one there guys. As the strike looms, I am losing more respect for these guys. They laughed as the tie was announced.....and fans BOO'd...I think we'll have to get used to this:/
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So here comes the insanity...

Arts Fest has arrived. It's going to be one insane weekend!!! Amazing how just seeing some friends can lift one's spirits. Not to say I'm not happy with who's up here, but it's going to be nice to have basically everyone around (except Justin:(). So tomorrow Steph is coming up and I think we're planning on hitting the Crowbar for some Green Eggs and Spam...I'm sure it will be an absolute zoo:-) I miss it though. It's nice to have empty bars but at the same time not quite as fun. Then Friday Nicole comes and I'm not sure what the deal with that night will be...Saturday is most absolutely definitely VELVEETA!!!! So if you're in State College, you should come along....it'll be fun...oh yeah and be 21;-) sorry...

Anyway, this week has been blahish so far. I mean nothing great...nothing horrible. Just the usual work and relaxation. Ahh I suppose it's the life. It is what we all hope for...a summer of making money but still having fun with no class. Which leaves me quite content I suppose:-) Considering the fact that next year at this time I have no idea what I will be doing. That is very scary to me...scary but exciting in a way. However, I definitely plan on enjoying what senior year has in store...fun fun fun!

Today was fun. I ended up going to the Corner Room with Amy and her friend Michelle (I know...too many Michelle's!!). Anyway, after that we came back and chilled here. MIchelle got attacked by some little metal piece on the floor...and it gave her a nice gash on her leg...she didn't even realize it at first!! But good news...no hospital runs!!! Anyway, afterwards Amy and I went for a walk around campus. It was so nice and peaceful! There was no one around and it is really pretty. Just so quiet...wow. So that brings me to here and now at the present moment...tomorrow comes the insanity. It should be a fun insanity though!
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