August 20th, 2002


Gambling is fun....yet bad

Yesterday I went to Atlantic City for the first time. And as my topic says gambling is a ton of fun but can be costly:) I went with my friend Tim to AC for the day. Man did being 21 turn into being a great thing! The first casino we went to was Sands. Tim hit it big right away winning 45 bucks from a slot machine!!! We decided that money was to be put away for dinner:) After that we had a few winnings but mostly it was having fun while spending dough:P In all I lost about 15 bucks...not bad...not anymore than what I'd spend on a day out on the town or something. We ended up eating at the Hard Rock...and got souvenir glasses for a buck more with our cocktail drinks:) In all I went to: Caesars, Taj Mahal, Sands, and Showboat.

Tomorrow I go to NYC to see Mamma Mia on Broadway:) WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! More pictures to come I'm sure:)
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