September 17th, 2002


Settling the score from 94!!!!!!!!

As promised a recap of Saturday and the BIG GAME!!!!! As many of you may know (or not know if you live under a rock), I'm pretty much as big of a PSU fan as they come:-D I have been looking forward to this game since I first heard they were having this game about 4 yrs ago...yes I am that much of a nut! I was still extremely bitter and holding a grudge against Nebraska since they took PSU's title in 94:( So nothing better than a game in happy valley...

First off, Amy had people over till 6am the night before...good thing it was a night game;) I had trouble falling asleep with the noise at first but eventually adjusted and weeeeee. So I woke up and could not wait for the game. I was very chipper and dancing around the apartment. Yes I'm weird like that:P I had said I wanted to leave the apartment at get this,....3pm for the game that started at 8:P We stopped for some hoagies at subway and headed up to beaver stadium. It was me, Amy, Michelle, Ryan, and Brian. Eventually we got there and there were only a handful people that were waiting....probably the same people that slept out for it. We played some go fish and such until more people started to arrive and make it more tense to make sure no one cut in line!After some F*** Nebraska and PSU cheers it was finally time to enter the stadium. Adam and his roomie steve found us and also ended up sitting with us:) Would you believe ROW 3 in the senior section:-D It was so freaking awesome!! It felt like we could just talk to Joe Pa. The hours passed pretty quickly since the excitement was building. Plus, by 7pm almost the entire student section was filled and the stadium was getting there fast.

Before the game started, we painted up! Michelle, Adam, and I put on the blue paint to keep the moon out of our eyes;) Michelle added a #5 for LJ on my cheek and I added a #7 for Zach. Finally 8pm came around. ABC sports was ready and the stadium atmosphere was nothing short of electric. I have never heard it so crazy in my life. A few FDNY guys were honored before the game started. That was pretty neat:) Also, Operation Visine (keep the red out) seemed to work for the most part. I'd say no more than 10k nebraska fan...which in a stadium of 107k (record crowd of 110,753 on hand for this one) doesn't amount too much;) Finally the game was about to start and the traditional We are Penn State chant started. It was soooo loud. I was so pumped and ready to go!!!!!!

We kicked the ball to Nebraska to start the game. Let me say that every down Nebraska had the ball you could tell if you were outside the stadium. The crowd was very rowdy and disrupt them. It was so awesome. Not to worry I was a part of that screaming;) It all paid off because we creamed them 40-7. That's right not a misprint. I couldn't have dreamed that up in a million zillion years. I was in disbelief and just loving it. Lots of high fiving all around. No rushing the field with the cops standing along the perimeter:( Ahh well. We settled the score from 94. I got some pictures but it's on my disposable camera that hasn't gotten developed yet:P

Ranked #15 now...La Tech next week...

Eagles won too:) 37-7! GO PHILLY!!!!!

Yep sports would be the most exciting part of my that all the fun school crap is kicking in. Hope everyone is doing well and leave some comments....I feel sad that i'm scoring no touchdowns:(:(:(
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