October 5th, 2002


Dinner and a movie...group style

So tonight was a change from the usual State College thing...drinking. I went to dinner and then saw a movie with Nicole, Rachel, and Brian. And you know what...it was a ton of fun. We got to chat and enjoy ourselves...minus the drunken idiots. This is not to say that I don't enjoy the nightlife of being 21+ but it was nice to have an escape from it I guess is the easiest way to state this:-D

We ate dinner at Baby's. Not your nicest food place but a fun place to go with friends. Who can resist the 50s atmosphere and grease? haha! Not much to mention about this...had shrimp and then half of a milkshake for dessert. After dinner we headed out to the theatre by the mall to see Sweet Home, Alabama. Yeah yeah...you're laughing...considering i'm pretty much in the Alabama of the north;-) Anywho, we got there waaaaay early so we bought our tickets then we walked around Big Lots until they yelled at us to leave since they were closing:P We headed back to the theatre but they STILL weren't letting anyone in so there was a mob of people. Naturally Nicole and Brian started the bickering like siblings or a married couple if you will. Rachel was amused since she had never seen it before...I'm just...well...used to it! Finally the flood gates opened and we could go in. I'd say the girl/guy ratio was one guy per 20 girls...no kidding! And I think the guys that were there were mostly those that were forced to go with their girlfriends. The movie, though unrealisitic, was enjoyable. It was that Disney fairytale, only not a cartoon! The main character was really HOT! He had blue eyes that just made me want a guy like that,.....yar! Also, Nicole ended up next to one of those really annoying movie people...you know the ones that make "oooh" "ahh" sounds consistantly right before something important happens. Predictable ending but cute nonetheless. Guess it brings out the girl in me:-)

The next part is ranting on my part....might not be so fun to read....so I made it so you have to click to read it:P
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