October 8th, 2002


Summer to winter....

Did someone forget to tell mother nature that there is supposed to be Fall before winter???? Walking to my 8AM English class (have I mentioned that it is the worst class in the ENTIRE world?), it was just damn cold. The worst was most definitely getting out of bed...away from the soft, friendly confines of warm blankets and comfy bed:( All to go learn about stupid resumes that I've learned the past 3 yrs...nope...I'm not bitter;-) Anywho, this weekend is looking to be a good one. I'll be off to Michigan with my dad and my brother Friday morning:) I CAN'T WAIT! Definitely expect an archive of pictures from the big house. Probably will be able to hear me on tv too;-)

The past few days have been the usual for the most part. Saturday we went to Justin's to watch the PSU/Wisconsin game. It was definitely nice to have an away game for once...be able to sit and relax while watching the game. PSU won:) Big win.,...sets the stage for the big house this Saturday (3:30PM on ABC;)). Saturday night was a movie kind of night. Saw Sum of All Fears at the HUB...talk about a scary slap in the face movie. I just sat there in shock when they actually showed a nuclear explosion on the movie screen. I just couldn't believe it! Pretty good flick overall. Afterwards I told everyone (nick,sarah and jarret) that I had rented Monsters Inc and we could go back and watch that since Sum of All Fears isn't exactly the best thing to have on your mind before going to bed. Let me say I loved Monsters Inc:) So much that Amazon.com is sending me my copy right now (shipped today:-D). The fire alarm ended up going off too many times to count from 3-330am...I think...which definitely made amy and I unhappy campers:( Sunday was the day of work but also going to work to finally put up the GeoVISTA webpage. You should check it out and let me know what ya think....

Nothin really about Monday. Mondays just suck. Amy and I found the perfect shirt to describe Mondays: "I hate Everybody". Man, I wish I had that shirt for IST group mtgs in the past;) hehehe.

Other than that I'm working my way through the week. Amy and I decided we're going to New Orleans for spring break. So if anyone would like to come along, they probably should let us know within the next week or so because we'd like to book it soon. It's looking like hotel/airfare will go for around 500...not bad eh?

Well I've run out of stuff I'd like to say at the moment....I'll babble more later:P
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