October 17th, 2002


Don't ya hate it when...

Just had my Roman Civ midterm it seems it got the better of me this time. I definitely did not write the best essay in the world:-/ I'm disappointed in the fact that I drew blanks. I'm hoping to get my C though because c is for cookie and that's good enough for me:) Gawd, I hope that's what I got. Pleeeeeeeeeeease....hehe

Ohio State in 9 days....awwwww yeah! Takin down the Horse Shoe!

I've got 2 interviews next week...only hope is that I get better at this interviewing thing.

Amy and I came the conclusion that people are sick and dumb last night. A simple yet rational conclusion. Don't you think?

Nicole came up with a good conclusion as well. Fall has been replaced by the season called "rain."

English still sucks. Is it over yet?

I have nothing else to say. Not at this time other than that my brain is full and I need sleep. The end.
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