October 24th, 2002


Thursdays are not good

Well it's time to report from the library computer lab again. Good news seems to be that the authorities have caught "the sniper." Thank goodness. Hopefully, this is definitely the right people but I think they got it this time. Now I can go back to DC for job searching:)

Speaking of the job search...had two interviews this week. Pretty much night and day techniques of interviewing. On Tuesday I had an interview with AMS with what amounted to being interviewed by a drill sargaent (or so I suspect). There was no breaking the ice...just questions rattled off at record pace in the span of just a half hour. On Wednesday I had my interview with Lockheed Martin. That was a lot less intense and much more relaxed. The interviewer basically broke the ice for the first couple mins and led into questions gingerly. It's hard to know though. Maybe the other guy was drilling me to see if I would crack...and I do not think I did. Dunno though. Hard to read you know? I should find out if I get called back in a few weeks. < ploy >If anyone needs a full time IT worker starting about June 1,2003 feel free to contact me</ ploy > haha.

Other than that I'm getting ready to head to Ohio State in a couple days. It should be an interesting trip I'm sure:P Pretty much been getting work done and job shit all week. I think Amy definitely did a helluva lot more work last night though....I'm pretty sure when I rolled over to check what time she was finally going to bed it was 5am! I was up at 7am for class:P Almost caught her as I was waking up...heh. She's a nut:P And IST 412 is yucky (i know from watching my roomie suffer:().

This cold weather stuff sucks. I dress up not to be cold and then you go into a classroom and its 957949235913 degrees inside. Isn't there a happy medium? San Diego just keeps sounding nicer and nicer;)
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