December 30th, 2002


Finishing the update of the Caribbean

Well here's a rundown of the rest of heaven...err I mean Cruisin' the Caribbean...

Thursday: This was another sea day. Sea days weren't bad since I was in a floating hotel:) I slept till around 9 or so then headed down for some Breakfast. Not much to eat though since I had a lot of food for vacancy sign still there:) So I had some cereal and fruit. T he day was spent generally chillin' on the pool deck reading/hot tubbing it/mini golf. :) No rock climbing though since my knee was still bothering me:( We went to the ice show at 5:15 and that was awesome. The chereography and music was great. Then we went to the main show which was Charo. She is a performer in Las Vegas now. She plays classical guitar and sings..,she was very talented! Dinner for tonight was Lobster tail! I had two of those:):) Yay! After dinner we went up to the 14th floor which is above the ship for drinks. I had a cosmopolitan and toasted almond. yum.

Friday: Woke up to another sunny and beautiful day in St Maartan. We started out by shopping in Phillipsburg. Around noon my dad and I decided to head out to Orient Beach. The sites were absolutely breath taking. Just so beautiful!! We stayed till around 3...which included a corona on the beach...woohoo! Dinner was delicious as usual:P No show tonight...went gambling in the casino:)

Saturday: This is when I started getting a little depressed knowing that it was the last day:( Today was St Thomas...part of the US Virgin Islands. Immediately we headed out to Megans Bay...which is ranked in the top 10 beaches in the ENTIRE world:) Nothing like the sound of waves...soooo soothing. In the afternoon we headed into town and shopped about. That was the time for my alcohol run:
Bacardi Superior
Bacardi Limon
Jose Cuervo Tequila
Creme de Cocoa
Around 3 we headed back to the ship. Had to pack up before midnight since they pick up our luggage. Dinner tonight was awesome...lamb chops!! A little more casino action and such before heading to bed around 1. Had to wake up at 6am to get ready to disembark:(:(

Sunday: Woke up at 6....watched the sun rise over San Juan. Check the previous entry with the picture. Had some breakfast before waiting in the promenade for the call to disembark:( It was so depressing...everyone looked like a zombie since they had to leave. It was like the scene from Fiddler on the Roof...with everyone leaving...mass exodus. Some of the songs played included: Back to Life, Back to reality, End of the Road, etc...gee thanks. We got to the airport around 10:15...our flight was at 2:53. The flight was ok....some turbulance which made my ears feel like rubber bands. Yuck:( Everyone was more heavenly caribbean weather:(:( Got home around 8.

So here I more day till another year begins, 2003! Hope everyone is having a great break....2 more weeks of it:)
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