January 25th, 2003


#33 of 2036

The subject line is referring to the song number I'm on out of the total...I'm attempting to listen to every song I have in a row. We'll see how long that lasts...probably until I get to the Christmas songs....then it'll be over.

So yeah another week in the books....goes so fast. It was definitely the coldest week at Penn State I've experienced in the past four years. To the tune of Thursday not even making it to 10!!! Made for fun times making it to classes....that and numb body parts.

So let's see....more Judo. Oh dear there was more Judo and man am I feeling it now. Thursdays will equal pain over the coming semester. This week in pain featured making my arms KILL. We did rolling and more rolling and oh did I mention rolling.....talk about a way to make me nauseous! We also did more pushups than I've done in my entire life probably....ugh. And they were the real painful ones...fingertip ones, wide arm, arms together....ow! We also did side rolling. Who knew a half hour of hell could make you be in pain for the weekend?

IST 440 is well yeah. I don't think we know exactly what we're supposed to be doing yet. The project? Still working on what exactly it is!

Work is going great. I actually enjoy my job! The people are cool and I'm going to learn a whole lot. On Friday they installed the Oracle Database server for their PMS (Property Management System...I don't know what you were thinking;)). I ended up working from 9AM-8PM...whew a long day. My feet really hurt from being in those dress shoes all day.

Today kenkomachi and I trekked up to the IM building. I was to help her with running and she was attempting to make me do tumbling and such. Running went well and we did a mile rather easily I'd say. Then it was time for my nemesis...rolling. OK...my body was not made for this. It doesn't like it. So why do they make me do this? I can do the side ones just fine. Anywho, it wasn't pretty at the beginning...as natural instincts basically said "yo moron....mat and head not good!". By the end I was sorta doing it...not great but hey it was better than when I started.

So now I'm in pain...my arms are so tight and feel achy. Guess that 22 thing makes me old and not as capable of taking beatings anymore:P Up to #41 now....
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