March 31st, 2003


A few war thoughts...

So everyone seems to have an opinion about the war. Well at least those that pay attention to something besides which pair of black pants to wear tomorrow. Anyway so how do I feel...about all this...

I wouldn't say I'm pro war or anti...but more of angry with the way it was gone about. I think that going around the UN was a bad bad idea. While it's not like that much would have changed, it would have given us a much better public image to the world. Now it looks like we are aggressors and that is not necessarily a good thing. Just a good way to provoke crazy people. I think more thought should have been put into what other countries would think of this. More thought into what the people of that region want...I know I am definitely not an expert on this but after talking to a few people from that region they say that everyone HATES Saddam but they're not exactly going to be thrilled for the US to be stomping through. It looks shady...suspicious. I just hope this goes quick and the least amount of people possible die. War is just awful...and I despise whomever made it up in the first day (probably a man).

That being said I support our troops 100%. They did not decide to go over there...they are just doing their duties. However, my beef is with the Bush administration. I just don't like it...and I wish there was more regard to getting along. I think with a little more pushing and convincing these nations would have joined us instead of where we are now. 2004 cannot come fast enough...for you know I will be voting anti-Bush.
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Just witnessed another piece of state college weird weather....

one minute nothing was minute all you could see was buildings. Then the sun was shining and it was still snowing like crazy. wtf?

I dunno. Another present from State College I suppose?
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