May 10th, 2003


a trip to look for housing #2

Well I went to look at 2 apartments in midtown Manhattan today. Let me say that apartment hunting in NYC is quite the experience. You don't really choose....they interview you. Or as my dad says more like a sorority rush. Eww I can't believe I said that. But it is true to an extent. You have to impress them enough to see that you are a good roommate for them. Interesting eh?

I definitely liked apartment #2. It is about 6 short blocks from where I'll be working. You can see the Empire State Building from one of the roommate's rooms. My bedroom would not be a box!!!! Yeah I know that's amazing! It just was awesome and everyone in the apartment is within 2 years of age of me. Sooooo perfect. But as it stands now I have to wait for a call back to whether or not I get the apartment. No ring yet....:-/

The first apartment was what I expect from a Manhattan apartment. Small. I'd say the bedroom reminded me of a dorm in east. Just very very small. A converted room into a bedroom probably. Anything to get that extra rent right? It was cute though and laundry in the apartment or downstairs. Very different set of roommates too....pretty much at work a lot and do their own thing. But friendly still.

Both have their own benefits. It's a good start I'd say.

I'll be a pro at this by the time I find my niche in NYC:-D
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This could only happen to me///

So I get the call back tonight....

the good news: I was their choice to take the room. They felt I clicked with them.

The bad news: They call the other person taking the other open room (one of their friends) to discuss the potential roommates and she then tells them that one of her friends wants to take the room. She apparently is in law school (finals time) and didn't have time to tell them.

So guess who gets the room...Not me:(

Third place prize: They said to call them when I get in the city to go out for a drink.

*sigh* Back to the drawing board. It's a rough game out there....I sure hope I make it through this process!
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