May 19th, 2003


Just call me the graduate...

So now I have the piece of paper to prove it...amazing how you spend 4 or more years working your ass off to get one piece of paper. But I am damn proud of it;)

Graduation weekend went extremely well and then some...with the exception of the weather. Friday afternoon my parents came up with my grandparents. I got my nails done for graduation...have to look good:) I ended up meeting up with my parents for dinner at the Tavern. Amy came with since her parents weren't going to arrive until Saturday morning. Dinner was great....I got lamb and it was delicious:) I love the Tavern and will miss it:( I love being able to get as many sides as you want and just the home feeling. It's great comfort food:) I think everyone else had a good time too. That night I went to the Diner for grilled stickies and then the Sports Cafe to watch the Sixers lose. Just so you know: Philly teams are 0-2 on big milestones in my life thus far. On October 23, 1993 (my bat mitzvah) the Phillies lost the World Series as Joe Carter hit a walk off homerun against Mitch Williams at 11:57PM. This year on may 16 the Sixers lost game 6 and the series against the Detroit Pistons. Oh well. Amy and I ended up staying up until 2am sharing stories of the good days of college. I think this is when it started to hit that was it...the end.

Saturday I ended up waking up early. Amy's mom, aunt, and cousin knocked on our door at like 7:30am....thankfullly at least she got them to go out until 8:30ish which was when I set my alarm for anyway:) Thanks amy:) I met my parents and grandparents at the Waffle Shop for breakfast...always yummy:) After, I picked out my diploma frame at Lion's Pride...:) Next, I came home to change for graduation. Naturally, it was 50, dreary, cold, and windy...not a typical may day! However, should I have expected anything else from State College? Probably not. Anyway, around 12:45 I headed to the HUB for the IST luncheon. I got mY IST yearbook so I can remember all the fine IST students I worked with in my four years of group projects. Some of those people I haven't seen at all this year...pretty weird. Anyway, the food was decent and overall a nice turnout. Dr. Jansen stopped by as well as Stan the Man. Good stuff. We got pictures by the "water feature" outside the HUB...worked as a good backdrop for my graduation photos. At least it is good for something. They came out well and I already have all the photos back.

Graduation was at 4pm in Eisenhower. There was no order just grab two name cards and get in line. Wouldn't you know I ended up being the FIRST person in line for the A-L side! That meant I was the first person to walk across the stage to receive an IST diploma (yeah there was the student marshall but that doesn't count;-)). The speaker was pretty good...nice and short too:) Most of the faculty showed up and sat in the front row which was cool. Dr. Yen was there and you could hardly see him over the seat. That was pretty funny. Laura had said "do you see Dr. Yen" and I said "Where". heh. I got to shake G-span's hand (aka Penn State's president), a University Trustee, Dean Thomas....all the big and important people pretty much. I told people I was the backbone of IST...since I never did really participate in any IST activities. I mean you do need that one person that does the work but not hte activities within;P Hey it worked out....there I was walking across the stage and man did it feel good! I also got a diploma for my minor...well 2 copies of that for some reason. I should see if they goofed on something. My parents were impressed by the whole ceremony because my brother's was the reverse of it...not personal at all...just stood up and sat down. After graduation I tried to get a picture with amy at the lion but the line was waaaay too long. We had to go to dinner at the Penn Stater at 7. Dinner was great. Buffet....I highly recommend the quesadilla chicken:0) The double chocolate cake wasn't bad either;-) My brother gave me his graduation gift to me at that time...a Coach bag! It was soooo nice...I couldn't believe he bought it for me. All I need is a laptop now;-) After dinner I went back to get changed to head out to the bars with my parents...yes my parents and my brother! I finally got to the Adam's Apple for a Sin. I was pretty impressed...good stuff. Next we went to the Phyrst since my dad had not been there since he was a collegian about 35 years ago. It was the Phyrst Phamily:) Fun times. Found Amish there to hang out with as well. Around midnight we headed out since it was an extremely long and fun day. I absolutely passed out from exhaustion and a bit of alcohol....mmm sleep. Not enough though.

Up at 8:30am to meet my parents at 9am at the waffle shop. This was the meal to help me get through packing/moving out. Moving out went better than I thought. Amy's family didn't arrive until after I had moved all of my stuff....which made things tons easier. Cleaning sucked. There was dust all over the place...spic and span now though. It didn't really sink in that it was my last moments in Park Hill as a resident. Odd. I don't think it feels real yet either. Around 3 I was out of State College and heading home.

On the way home, Michelle called to tell me that she had a found a place she liked on the Upper East side. So the first hour of the trip home consisted of dealing with connection problems since I was driving down a mountain and talking to several people. Probably not the safest thing while driving but someone has to do it:P It looks to be a cool apartment and I'll be checking it out Wed afternoon with my dad to hopefully sign the final paperwork and what not. Keep your fingers crossed:) Looks like I'll be an uptown girl as Billy Joel says:) I'll let you guys know the address and my new cell number once I know....most likely cell will come in June and this will be my primary phone:)

If you made it through this entry, then you deserve a prize. OK, just a pat on the back...
or maybe you're just really bored...haha:)
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