June 15th, 2003


Saturday in the Park

Well I've completed my first weekend in NYC. All things considered not too bad. I'm sure it'll be nicer once I know a few more people. But hey that's part of the adventure. Anyway, Saturday I woke up and the weather was NICE! yes that's right...it wasn't raining and a weekend. I'm sure that will never happen again...especially once I start working and do not have time to enjoy the weather. C'est La Vie...or something like that. So yesterday I ended up going to Central Park. Fantastic stuff until the sky turned black and started to downpour on me:( Add to the fact that I had jeans on...yuck. I felt like I was carrying 100 pounds on my legs:p

Today my mom, dad and brother came into town:-D It was nice to see the whole family as it is pretty much a rare event now. My dad loved his presents. I got him the Joe Pa bobblehead doll to go along side his other ones: Harry Kalas and Richie Ashburn. He actually has conversations with them...don't ask:p My brother got him a picture with Sandy Koufax which will go in his office alongside Hank Greenberg...notice a trend there. Finally my mom got him a smoothie maker! His face was priceless. That made his year probably...:) We went to a little cafe for lunch....really good! I got a burger with potato cake. The potato cake had some kind of horse radish in it but it tasted really good. Next we walked up to the cancer hospital because one of my mom's coworker's daughters is there:-/ We just walked around a bit after that and they left. So here I am...

One thing that is no fun....I'm not getting any email anymore:( Does graduation mean no more email?

One fun thing: http://www.nycvisit.com/content/index.cfm?pagePkey=644
I'm going to that tomorrow night:-D Yay culture!

One week from tomorrow and my adult life really starts...wow.

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