July 21st, 2003


RIP Palm Pilot...

You had a great two years coming to class with me and being my pal...well my savior from my own handwriting. It showed as my grades improved drastically...it could have been the classes but it also could have been being able to actually read all my notes:) It sucks that you had to fall that one more time...and have the screen crack:0( It's too expensive to repair so you will join the technology graveyard:(

Anyone have an extra palm laying around? Or a laptop for that matter...as wireless access is available pretty much anywhere in NYC?:p You can stay in my apartment:-D Ok, well yeah, you can stay here even if you don't have a palm/laptop to give me;-) ::Can you feel the sarcasm::
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Two in one night?

You betcha. I'm on a roll. I guess I see this as my release. I never thought I'd actually keep up with a journal but I guess I see it as my way to write everything down whether it be what I did (so i can remember) or just anything that comes to mind. I never was able to keep a paper journal...I guess it just was a huge pain for me. This is so easy...I have access to it everywhere. How long will I keep this? I have no idea...right now I feel it is something I want for a while.

So let's see...
Today felt like a scene from Office Space. The weather sucked a lot. It was so humid and nasty...it wasn't quite raining but it was so humid that I bet its what it feels like in a jungle. sorry for the bad comparisons:p I was so tired today that I could hardly keep my eyes open in the morning...I even took a cold shower to try and wake up...didn't work. Got to work and everyone was sluggish. Just blah and blah...I almost wanted to blurt out "looks like someone has a case of the Mondays." haha. Although I think everyone laughs at how I'm so enthusiastic now...since I'm the new kid on the block. Hey I gotta do it....job=good...job that I actually like=EVEN BETTER! After dealing with govt for 2 years, this is really nice!

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