October 4th, 2003


Return of Fall

So lets see...another week in the books. It was an interesting week as every week seems to be...which is good. I finally took care of some stuff to make me an official resident of New York City...now that I've lived here for 4 months!!! I know I can't believe it myself. I have a Manhattan cell number now so if you try to call the old number...well you're S.O.L. The other thing I did was get a NY drivers license...because we all know how much I drive around NYC...with my 5 cars and constant money flow. OK terrible sarcasm felt there. Seriously though it was an experience. As with any govt agency they are open terrible hours...8:30-4. So naturally this causes me to miss some work time and use "vacation" time to do this. So I get there around 8:10-8:15 and there is already a line around the block of people waiting to get in the DMV building!!! Once we got in the bldg we had to wait to get up the elevator in order to wait in a line to figure out which line to wait in...did you get that? Once I got to the license picture line I had to wait another 30-40 mins in that line. I also happened to be the only white caucasian in that line...(was that politically correct? If not, well its just gone incredibly overboard with that whole tid bit). Annnyway, I get to the front of the line and there's this guy that looks so thrilled to be doing that job (not that I can blame him)....and i do the whole bit...show my 8000 forms of ID and get my picture taken. He tells me that I look like Brooke Shields...uh ok. So after this I get a card telling me a number to wait for on the Big Board. You know...the BINGO type board. So there I sat with about 100 other people waiting for my number to come up. Ridiculous. So finally I'm through and get to work at 10. Not too bad all things considered. An experience nonetheless:)

Hmm what else...oh yes...I had some issues arise. For those that know, they know I really feel that I needed to do that and people need to grow up. Thank you to all that showed me the light.

I'm home again for the weekend. My dad's birthday and the Kippur...I was going to just come home tomorrow but I got the whole guilt trip and pretty much YOU BETTER COME HOME;-) Its cool. I crashed last night...out cold by 10ish. And this morning I did an hour workout at Philly Sports Clubs...so another trip closer to getting reimbursed:p Tomorrow I'm going again to do the spinning class. Ultimately the insane me wants to be able to go to the 6:30am spinning class before work. We'll see how that works out. But ultimately it would be nice because I find myself too tired after work to get a real good work out. I'm going again tomorrow since I have time and Monday is out of the question!

Oh and I really hate the Yankees a lot more now. Penn State was supposed to be on and instead I got the stupid Yankees. Very mean thing to do to my father on his birthday. Very mean.

So yeah...its my dad's birthday and we're going out for dinner now. I also may have big BIG news to report on the home front but I really can't say anything just yet. But just say its pretty big.
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