November 3rd, 2003


Indian Summer

Seems to be anyway. It's 75 degrees today and it's November 3??? Wow. Almost makes me forget that it is indeed November 3. Anyway, another weekend in the books...another busy yet fun and exciting...and random weekend.


  • Halloween parade downtown. That was quite an event. Saw everything....from PG rated to XXX rated costumes. Also, people need to learn that going to parades means there will be crowds. If you don't like crowds, do not come and watch on the side. It's really quite simple.

  • Drinking. There was a lot of that this weekend. Probably more than needed but hey every once in a while you ened those get silly fall down drunk nights. *ahem*me and 12th street? had issues Saturday night....and I have the bruises on my left foot to prove it*ahem* Not a block later do I get offered drugs. Kids, just say no....because well as the commercial says "This is your brain...this is your brain on drugs. Any questions?" They just don't make public service announcements like that anymore. Anyway, yep i drank....and felt every bit of it.

  • PSU game. We got SCREWED again by the refs. I think Joe Pa is going to start hunting them down soon (j/k). Watched with a bunch of Penn Staters as the heartbreak unfolded

  • Jets/Giants game. I got to go to the game! One of the best pro games I've ever witnessed in person. Unfortunately the Giants won but it was a ton of fun and great seats (15 yard line..13 rows up). Went to OT and Giants won with a FG with 4 seconds left.

  • Almost won the football pool this week. If the *(&$ Packers would have done their usual sucking in domes, I would be $85 richer. Bastards. I do not like Greenbay right now. grr

This early wakeup thing is odd. I've been up since 5:30am...that's just wrong. I mean thats saying I've been awake almost 8 hours now (1:15pm now).
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