November 11th, 2003


Hard to say goodbye

Well I'm not sure if you guys know but my parents have purchased a new place...still in the process of being built so don't worry! However, this means I need to start parting with my room.

Random stuff I've found while cleaning out my room:

  • English papers from high school. Even rough drafts!

  • My first paystub. Oh how far I've come. I made a grand total of...*drum roll please* 189.90...which after taxes came to 156.85!

  • bizbucks...if you worked for blockbuster you know what these are. I apparently kept the certificates

  • some forwards i actually printed cause I thought they were so throught provoking

  • instructions on installing aol im 2.0

  • college papers i had to write about abortion for English cause my group sucked and didn't want to pick a cool topic

  • Probability stuff. I don't know why I kept this...I will never fully grasp this topic and why should I even care to?

  • The test I got a 45 on. Lowest test ever. Lets give it up for IST 240.

  • The Verona fix. Back to the old days of rescom and computer tech support. oh boy

  • Everything about SAP and ERP....which probably is useless now because every couple years the rules change anyway

  • Cliffs Notes. Need I say more?

  • manual for a tv i don't own anymore...for like 6 years

  • receipts from 1989 because I really had my own money to spend then

  • $20 in Jamican Money...i'm thinking this isn't worth much

  • Those silly PSU pins they give out every football saturday with terrible puns on them like "Tech That!"

  • not just one gym lock but TWO...and I have another one in NYC...heh

  • instructions on how to march properly...ex: " Band A-Ten Hut respond "1-2". L. heel to R. heel on 1. Arms snapped down on 2. Heels together on 45 degree angle. Imagine someone's foot fitting in between your feet. Shoulders back, chin up, eyes forward, knees slightly bent. NO MOVEMENT, NO TALKING.

  • my high school prom menu....yes I know I"m lame

  • my performance evaluation from blockbuster

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