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Bridges Runner



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As I write this I'm on my way to chicago. Game time, go time, whatever you want to call it is less than 48 hours away! The weather? Less than ideal - the latest had potentially record high on sunday (84 for those wondering). I thought the chances of a second hot marathon was nil considering last year! At least I've run a marathon in heat and humidity AND trained in it.

No matter what I'm looking to enjoy every minute. Isn't that, in the end, what we all run for?

My trip to the airport was exciting. The GCP was a parking lot so my cabbie took a super alternate route. This had me on the brink of complete sickness! Upon arrival I had the joy of being reminded we pay for checked luggage now. This was followed by waiting in the longest security line around. Yeah airports are more like trying to not have a stress attack before flying out!

As I got on the L, AH informed me the women for obama convention was taking place at our hotel this weekend!! Obama, joe biden and oprah are all scheduled to speak. Neat! Then, while walking around, ben folds was giving a free live concert at the apple store. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Today it is off to the expo and time to stay off the feet!

So I will see you at the finish line!
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  • Good luck tomorrow!! You worked hard for this one-can't wait to see the hard work pay off!! Make sure you have FUN too :)
  • Good Luck

    Have fun in Chicago, I was just there. Looking forward to the excellent and detailed analysis of your performance...and I hope you BQ too.

  • (Anonymous)
    I'm reading your entries only recently and just want to let you know I am crossing my fingers for you. Can't wait to read your summary of the race and your personal feelings. Good luck, girl!
  • ok

    curious to hear about your marathon result. it is time to stop complaining about the weather and using it as an excuse. All in the head! Next time get more tougher!

  • I hope you had an excellent race! Looking forward to reading about it.
  • And...?

    So, how'd it go?

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