June 23rd, 2004


One Year of work down...

How insane is that! I've been employed for one year at F+K. It's been a decent year and overall I'm happy with my state at this point. I absolutely love living in the city and I feel that there is potential to grow within my career. Socially things are coming along and I think I'm finally starting to feel at home here. I won't lie in saying that it is tough to find your way....this city will eat you alive if you don't get out there.

So today's running random story:
As Susan and I finished our run we headed to the water fountain to get a drink...and these two people were over there with video cameras. Now this is normal to see people with video cameras in the middle of the day but 7am??? So they ask us "would you like free socks and a Starbucks gift card?" We look at eachother and say why not. However, the catch. They wanted to interview us about socks for internal marketing. Heh. So I had a five minute interview about what socks I like to wear, what adjectives do I use to describe socks, etc. It was extremely random. ONce we were done we both got dry fit nike socks saying "Run NYC" and a Starbucks gift card:-D

Had roommate #1's birthday party over the weekend. Found out she got engaged which is really awesome! They both were all grins ear to ear for obvious reasons. So congrats goes out to them!

Had my last encounter with my parents old house. It was not very sad to me....i was kinda like eh ok move along. My paents thought it'd be all sad and stuff...but nah. I live in the city now...not there.

Did the business thing...traveled to DC and back the same day. Very exhausting!

Timeto hit the hay....5:45 comes soon!
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