July 16th, 2004


Another one bites the dust

It's been a very tough week at work and today probably was the culmination of it. It really sheds light on why I don't like the commercial aspect of business because it is tough to witness first hand. What I am referring to is layoffs. Today it hit my department and it is tough because well my department already is pretty small. I won't say I was surprised with whom it was but to witness the whole thing really quite frankly sucked. It probably didn't help that the person made a huge scene and didn't leave right away. What this has told me is I need to get on the ball and get cracking with the books. I need to expand my knowledge base and prepare for what the future may hold.

The good news is I've been working my a** off. I've had a 12 hour day this week plus a couple 10 hour work days....which is a good thing in a way. Especially when those couple of days come when they pay me for what I do;0)

Happier thoughts...
Visited my 'rents new house last weekend! What a great place they have. not to mention how happy they are! Ended up running with my mom and the Leukemia & Lymphoma society people on Saturday down in Philly to the tune of 8.5 miles and on Sunday another 8 with my dad and his friends. Don't ya love it;-) Saw Spiderman 2...pretty decent flick. This summer has definitely made up for last summer's lack of films.

This weekend will be city bound....sticking around.

I had other stuff but I'm getting tired now and I'm sick of typing. adios.
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