September 1st, 2004


1/2 marathon madness

So I did it! I ran my first timed half marathon. It's definitely starting to get exciting and hitting home that in a couple months it'll be the BIG ONE. So the race was Sunday. It was a bit tough because I had worked on Saturday then got together with some friends Sat night...but still got to bed by 11. Woke up around 5 since the race was at 7am in the park. Got my stuff out to wear to work after the race and had my pre-race snack ritual (peanut butter on a piece of bread...anti-climatic I know:p). Headed out around 6:10 to the park. The outside world was definitely's dead enough without having the republicans come to town. Passed a lot of people just getting in from the night before (kept forgetting it is a weekend). When I got to the park it was a runner's town. Thousands of runners@_@ Warmed up a bit and found a place at the starting line (around the 8 minute pace people). Race started right on the dot at 7 and it took me 3 minutes to get to the starting line!

Used my watch to time the race so I knew my own pace. The race was two laps around the park plus a little longer to get to Tavern on the Green. The first lap was OK...had the mental thing going of "why the hell are you doing this." Ran around 9 min miles...ran very conservative with the conditions being as hot and humid as they were. First lap was about 56-57 mins...which is very slow for me. I knew I could run faster the second lap. I started timing my miles to see if I could make up some time...started running closer to 8:15-8:30. I was getting very hot by the second lap and it was not helping that many of the water stops were out of water! Ran a 52 minute 10K plus the 1.1 miles to the ended up at about 1hr 55mins. Hitting my goal of under 2hrs for my first half marathon:) All in all a lot of fun and pretty successful.

After the half marry I ran home to quickly change and head to work. I felt like a drone and absolutely exhausted. was able to finish a job and get out of there at a decent hour. Headed to Penn Station to get the heck out of NYC. Turned into quite a maze to get to the NJ Transit section since they decided to close off portions of the station because of the silly republicans in town:p. Ended up missing a train because I couldn't get to the track! Waited another hour before finally catching the train out of there!

Life in PA has been nice and relaxing. Lots of sleep and relaxation. Not a whole lot to report and that's the way I want it. DId a little shopping for work clothes but other than that running and reading and eating:)

Heading to the Phillies game tonight and Penn State this weekend.
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