December 27th, 2004



So 2004 done. 2005 coming up...

Resolutions. STUPID! I like to make goals for myself but to call them resolutions? HELL NO!  That's setting yourself up to fall flat on your face. One of the reasons the gym sucks a lot in January is all the dumb people that think they are going to turn into this wonderful up at the gym...and socialize while wasting your time. blaaaaaah.

So anyway the following is a list of my goals to accomplish in the next year (lots of running goals!):

  • Run more miles than this year. 1000 shall be broken!
  • Run marathon #2 in under 4 hours
  • Run marathon #2 in perhaps close to 3:40 (Boston Qualifier....this may be more of a 2006 thing)
  • Run a 1/2 marathon in 1:45 or less.
  • Break a 6 minute mile.  I've got it under 6:15....very doable.
  • Break 21 mins for a 5K...not sure on this since I don't run a lot of 5Ks!
  • Pass the RCDD test.
  • Continue to expand my social groups.  I've done this A WHOLE lot in 2004 but would like to continue to do so.

That's all for now.

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