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Bridges Runner

Chicago Marathon (aka the heat marathon)

Chicago Marathon (aka the heat marathon)

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4:06:14. Enough said.  The one saving grace?  I did not get a PW, personal worst.  Chicago has not been kind to marathon runners the past two years.  I can say whatever but it just didn't happen last Sunday.  That's all. 

The day began early with a 5am wakeup.  It started well with all of us pumped up and full of smiles.  Why not?  It's a huge marathon and the culmination of all that running.  As a sign in Niketown said "Sunday is really a victory lap."  As we walked to Grant Park, other runners joined us and I began to get my feelings for the race together.  I sported my PSU singlet and race ready shorts with the yellow hat.  No need for a sweatshirt as it was 67 degrees as we headed over.

7:30am came and I headed over to my corral.  The gun went off and within 2:30 mins I was crossing the start line and descending on the city of Chicago.  I knew EV was out there cheering as well as one of my clients.  I tried to envision breaking the race down into small chunks to get to my cheering support.

What do I remember from the race?  I remember seeing EV 3x including by the finish line!  I remember Boystown and the guy cheerleaders!  I remember the Mexican section of town.  The cowbells!  Chinatown.  The people that had bags of ice at about mile 22 (lifesavers as temps rose to the mid 80s!). 

Well there is a second thing.  I'll take the opportunity to state that I have signed up for the Philadelphia Marathon on November 23.  Whether or not this is a smart decision, we'll see.  I will say I'm not as beat up as I was after Steamtown last year.  I knew at about mile 10 it wasn't my day so it became a standard 26.2 training run through Chicago.  When I realized 3:40 wasn't happening, I slowed because would I rather miss by 6 minutes or 26 with the chance to try again? 

That's all I've got on this one.  There's not a great story to tell and I don't want to talk about a "training" run any further.  See you in Philly!
  • marathon

    A good job and time in the heat!.
    Groet Rinus.
  • Great Accounting

    It was hot wasn't it, but that is a great course they have in Chicago. Not as good as NYC, but nothing is as good as NYC! LOL. I wish the day hadn't been as hot as I was looking forward to reading your action packed account of a PR and BQ. You are a heck of a fun blogger to read, one of my faves.

  • See you there!

    Hey, I've heard a lot of bad things about Chicago this year from runners - seriously good time considering!

    I was wondering why Philly has sold out so quickly - I think it's all the disspointed Chicago-ers! I'll see you in Philly I hope!
  • See you there

    sorry - meant to sign off as Yvonne aka speedyscot.blogspot.com
  • Congrats on paying attention to your body and for knocking this one down, regardless of the pace. Good luck at Philly!
  • (Anonymous)
    Hey girl, you did great just by finishing he race - I couldn't have done that! I have my own 10K race today and the closer the time is (3.5 more hours to go), the more it gives me the craps :D Aim is pushing time below 60 mins (personal best is 62 mins 7 secs) but simply being NOT the dead last would do as well... Time is probably enough for a rest for your body till Nov 23, tapering is 3 weeks before the race though... whatever, do what your heart tells, it knows best!
  • Smart race. Bummer about the temps. Guess it was a dry run for Philly. Still--a good finish and another marathon finish.
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