June 5th, 2005


Hot town....

...summer in the city.  Yep, the usual....cold to hot. One day it's 50 and then all of a sudden 90!  However, man have I been longing for this weather.  Now this is the stuff that makes me believe marathon training season is upon us.

Today was the first of probably quite a few Run to Peanut Butter A group of five TRD's made the trek from Engineer's Gate to 240 Sullivan Street (see here); All in all - about a 9 mile run. It was hot as hades today....back to the usual sweat off about 5 lbs of water weight....unbelievable. Brunch was delicious at pb & company.  I got the Cookie Dough pb sandwich (wheat bread, Crunchy PB, chocolate chunks, vanilla cream cheese). My friend got the Cinnamin Raisin sandwich (Cinnamin raisin pb, vanilla cream cheese, apples and wheat bread)....we each had half of each.  In the process, we downed 2 pitchers - of H20 that is!  Also had a strawberry milkshake, which all of us enjoyed a shake in Washington Square Park There was a high school jazz band playing which definitely brought back memories. 

Tomorrow is jury duty. We'll see how that goes.

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