July 9th, 2005


A bit disconcerning

So you may ask what do I mean?  Well, I ordered (3) dvds that were shipped on June 22nd and I never received them.  I was concerned because my credit card was charged and I never received them.  So today I decide to call and find out where in the world my dvds are.  So the operator asks for my order number....at which point he asks me to verify the address.  Well here's the problem...the addresses did not match!  My billing and shipping number for this order were at an address a block away and did not match my address! 

So I ask why my credit card was charged for something if the billing/shipping address did not match the name!  That's scary in my opinion....if this is their *great* checking mechanism for credit cards.  They did redeem themselves though...if I do not receive anything by Tuesday (which I won't), they will reship the DVDs to the correct address which I had them repeat 3x on the phone;0)

Turns out the address I accidentally had put as my shipping/billing address was for a church! Go figure...
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