November 24th, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving!

To all a wonderful Thanksgiving wish from Pennsylvania! A very relaxing morning indeed for me...another 12 hours of sleep, a relaxing breakfast complete with a cup of coffee, and an hour workout (got to get that pre-tgiving calorie burning session in!). Unfortunately no turkey trotting this morning since my dad is still healing up from the marathon (guess I'll let him go this time!) but a 9 mile run in the park is in the cards tomorrow morning:0) That is the nice thing of coming to visit the 'rents...we're a mile and a bit from the state park!

Anyway, my thanks goes to the world this thanksgiving. A lot has changed in a year for me and definitely for the better. I've had a lot of great people enter my life and the doors sure have opened to a lot of new opportunities. I've been a Reservoir Dog for a year this December 4th and I think it's safe to say I made a damn good decision.

Well, time to go make some apple crisp for tonight's feast...and then of course feast! Have a great day...and thanks to everyone for making life so great.