January 16th, 2006



Yes, it's true even I can reach a breaking point. I have reached that with my job. As mentioned Friday, it's been nonstop work...no play. Well, finally my body revolted last night in a violent way. I'll spare you the details but let's just say I lost my marbles:-/ However, it didn't matter because I knew I had to go to work anyway to finish a project of which NO one else in my department can do....it involves having clearance. So I went and finished...not sure how accurate but it's done.

This past weekend I also worked all weekend. Worked till 9:30 on Friday, another 6 1/2 hours on Saturday and had to go to DC on Sunday. Not fun and not good when your body is running on fumes as it is. Yes I may be whining but it's my blog:-p

Anyway, hopefully things will get better. Fortunately it's the off season but it's still not something that I plan to become consistant.

So I suppose I'll finish with this...as Phil has tagged me to fill out a meme.

Four jobs you have had in your life:

Worked in a nursing home kitchen (yuck!)

Blockbuster (free movies!)

Rescom computer support (talk about pressing patience)

Telecom infrastructure engineer

Four movies you could watch over and over:

Shawshank Redemption

Happy Gilmore (hey it's just funny in that non thinking way)

Ferris Bueller's Day off (come on how many of us have watched this while home sick on TNT or whatever)

Grosse Point Blank

Four places you've lived:

Richboro, PA

University Park, PA

State College, PA

New York, NY

Four TV shows you love to watch:


West Wing


Seinfeld (I still watch those reruns!)

Four places you've been on vacation:


London, England

Nagoya, Japan (for a month!)

Florida (have to mention this since the grandparents and 1/2 my mom's side of the family is down there)

Four of your favorite foods:

Peanut Butter!!!!!!!! ('nuff said)

mom's home cooking

Chocolate almost anything:-p

cereal (i'm a huge breakfast person)

Four sites I visit daily:


blogs (duh)


The Reservoir Dogs

Four Bloggers you are tagging:

El Profe

Sempre Libera