January 18th, 2006


Down and Out

So I think I have the flu. I have not gotten better and if it was just your average illness I'd most likely be better by now. I feel like someone has is running a freight train over me...it sucks. A lot. I've never missed more than a day of work due to sickness since I started....until now:(

Anyway, not much to report here since I've been sick as a dog. However, here's a couple links for you:
Fitness TV (courtesy of Sempre Libera) - It seems Time Warner Cable is offering a fitness channel now as part of its cable package. Great idea to not charge extra as anyone that would actually want to use this as a jump start to fitness would only draw upon it curiously.

Then there's this. Apparently people need a game to get their exercise in now? Sheesh. Give me my Central Park any day!

Wendy's finger scammers sentenced - Good to see that you can't fake and get money easily....all the time anyway.

And anyone catch 24? Holy macro was that not the most gut wrenching/heart racing 4 hours of TV! I'm seriously peeved that Palmer was assassinated...and then they have the audacity to run a commercial with him in it! What's up with that? But I love that Jack Bauer is not with CTU now and just is a rogue warrior of sorts...he's so awesome! Totally pumped for this season!

And finally...TRADER JOE'S IS COMING TO UNION SQUARE! Yay for an awesome store and yay for the best peanut butter ever coming to manhattan! Yes, a serious charge from a serious peanut butter lover.
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