April 5th, 2006


April snow, brings May ???

It seems we are having our usual crazy weather...as we are teased with spring like weather only to be shown the wicked weather of winter today.  Although I'd compare today to all the seasons in a day.  We started with some light rain, then it cleared as I walked to the subway, turned to green/yellow sky of DOOM around 10am, snow/sleet/rain for a couple hours, clouds, wind/clearing.  It was like those movies where you see all the seasons fly by quickly on the screen! So weird.  I'm really ready to be done with running tights and NO more sweaters. Argh. Argh #2: The air conditioning was on at work!!! It was a *balmy* 62 degrees while the A/C was on full blast!

So tonight we had our weekly speed workout up at the track at Riverbank State Park!  Since it's a royal pain in the a$$ to go home from work and then go back west...I just went straight from midtown.  Only, instead of just heading up to the track, I changed at the NYSC on 80th and Broadway and ran up to the track with Sponge.  The workout was a lot of fun as I haven't run on a real track in years!  We did 2x300m, 4x800m, 2x300m with 200m recovery in between each. I was able to maintain 6:50-7min pace with the last 300m at a 6:15 clip...wowzers!  I felt great and here's hoping for another 4 mile PR this weekend;)  After the workout, a bunch of us ran back down the west side which gave me a cool 10 miles for the day!

Now if you excuse me I'm going to go catch up on some zzzzzzzzzz's...

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