May 21st, 2006


I love you with all my kidney!

So it's time for another rundown.  Since I just raced the Broad Street 10 miler a couple weeks ago, I decided to skip out on today's 10K and become a spectator for the day.  And what a race it was to watch and cheer!  In the elite race, Craig Mottram defended his victory last year but fell three seconds shy of setting a course record...and also winning an extra $10,000.  He says he'll be back in 2007 to go for the course record. In any event, I doubt I can dream of running that fast;-)

So while I was out cheering with my pom-poms, there were a whole slew of bloggers out there running this thing - and PR'ing at that. I hope my presence, especially a bit after mile 4, helped you head towards these fantastic times!  It's very likely you saw me at some point during the race - and especially on the East Side....a whole lot of "woo-woo'ing" going on!

So without further's the rundown...

'Chelle finally broke the 40 minute 10K barrier today.  However, she goes into detail on how frantic she was pre-race.. "with a few asthma inducing wind strides and finally settled down calmly in the chute, like one of those hysterical two-year-olds racing in the Preakness this weekend." 
Amazing how even after hundreds of races, we still get those jitters!

Brooklyn meanwhile shattered his previous PR today by over 5 minutes, with negative splits!  As he explains, he hit his gold medal mark for the race and has big plans ahead.
"This is going to be a hard one to break, but not impossible. I know I can run this faster; it will take focused speed-work. I may even have to get to a track. I know I can break a 9:00 pace, eventually. Also, for the record, I started the race at 6 minutes, 45 seconds. My 5K split time is 35:59 by the clock, so 29:14 by the chip. Which MEANS...negative splits!"
Way to go! Negative splits ROCK!

My teammate, Sempre Libera, set another PR today - ho hum.  Even with the new PR, she feels the mini 10K may bring that time down yet even more.
"Even with the slow miles, I came out on target overall, which makes me hopeful that I can bring it down another little bit for the Mini10k if I take care of this injury and if the weather cooperates."

Nyflygirl ran a nice even number, 50:50.  Never fear, as she gives a full fashion report, including the new red Flyer singlet.  In addition, it seems she's overall pleased with her performance today.
"Anyway, I had a good/fun run today. Still weak on the hills, but nothing I didn't already know. Next up for me will be the Mini 10K in June. Another fun race, however, that is one that the weather can really make or break. (made it in '04, broke it in '05.)"
I'll see you that's my next race too!

Landmarks tells us about just making it to the start line in time, despite waking up at 8:32am!

And in another round of PRville, Josh shaved another 30 seconds off his PR.  He also gives a great synaposis on the UAE and kidney combination....and of course is most pleased to have a nice technical shirt, rather than yet another white t-shirt!
"What could the UAE have in common with the New York Road Runners Club? As it turns out Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, former president of the UAE had a kidney transplant here in the United States and is very thankful. I am very thankful for the fancy technical race tee shirt."
Right on the money with that one Josh and good luck with your next goal race!

Derek shows us how to make a strange face while running.  And he also has not gained the pacemaster he intends to run smarter next time.

A big congratulations to Phil and running his first 10K ever! Sounds like he had a good time and even got a few jokes in with fellow runners.

Morrissey ended up running but shows us his well taped achilles - and best yet, how proud of it he is!
"Thank god for the Athletic Training Class i took in college where I just figured out a way to tape up my ankle. I think it looked pretty good :)"
And oh yeah, he set another PR.

Runner missed out on a 3rd PR on a week.She also gives a good account of the prizes and raffle after the race.
"In the raffle, three of the five the prizes were Elizabeth Arden Spa certificates.  Men won all three.  In fact, only one woman won a raffle prize (can you guess? yes, a $400 gift certificate to Saks!).  The raffle was completely unbiased its just funny how the prize awards turned out."

Bob is preparing to run the San Diego Marathon in a couple weeks...and managed to whip through the course. Though he is a little upset that his name is not on top of his team's list.  

Faster charts out his 10K stats for us.

Miseponine ran two firsts: her first 10K and the furthest she's ever run!  She's trying to get her qualifying races for the NYC Marathon next year.

And finally, though Allison isn't talking about the race, it is a great way to end this rundown to show that yeah, you do see everything in NY!

Congrats to all!  Keep running and look for the pom-poms again soon....